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If your art appears here, it is because I really liked this specific piece of art, and I don't necessarily support you or your ideas. Sorry.
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TERA Rising Contest by TonyDaiz
TERA Rising Contest
Uf! Havent updated in a long time. I blane college for that, haha. Anyway, knowing I wouldn't make it in time, I made thsi for the December loading screen contest. I uploaded it to tumblr a while ago though. I'll update after the contest and submit the colored version!
OMG I havent updated this thing in ages...


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If by self taught you mean years of doodles, crying over your pathetic art, tearing up thousands of drawings and then finally drawing something you’re proud of… ONLY TO HATE IT 5 DAYS LATER

Then yes. I am a self taught artist.
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Ok, so I got thi son my dashboard and couldn't help but to start replying. It took a long time but it was worth it.
First, is the original post with the link:…

Why Are You Arguing Against Gay Marriage?

-Because It Will Destroy The Traditional Meaning of Marriage: I think you will find that actual 'traditional marriage' was a woman's father signing over ownership of her to the husband that he has picked out. Thank god we have moved on from such outdated 'traditions', right?

-The Bible Says It's Wrong: The bible doesn't actually say anything about gay marriage. It does however say that you shall not wear clothing of mixed fabrics (Deuteronomy 22:11), guess we're all going straight to hell!
-Because Being Gay Is Unnatural: Homosexuality is found in over 450 species. Homophobia is only found in one- i think it is clear which is more unnatural.

-Because Gay Men Are Sexual Predators: Male rape is most commonly committed by heterosexual men (McMullen 1990). Better keep your back against that wall for the rest of your life!

-Because Gay Sex Is Disgusting: If you have ever jerked off to a little bit of girl on girl action or if you have ever had heteronormative anal sex then your argument is immediately invalid.

-Because Gay People Are Icky: Well.. At least your honest but i personally find homophobics icky and you're still allowed to get married.

-Because Innocent Children Might Re-enact Gay Marriage Scenes At School And It Will Turn Our Kids Gay: You're really more comfortable with children acting out gun fights than acting out a display of love? Pretending to be gun-touting criminals doesn't turn children into gun-touting criminals. Pretending to be a pony doesn't turn children into ponies. Heck, how many LGBT people re-enacted heteronormative marriages when they were kids? You should really look up the definition of 'pretend'.

-Because I'm a Dick: Glad you admit it.

-. : Exactly.

Here is my counterargument, only the first premise is a long one, the rest is more normal.

Please respect what you preach and tolerate and respect my possision. I hope you will find this interesting and helpful to understand other views regarding homosexuality.

-Because It Will Destroy The Traditional Meaning of Marriage: Although what is stated above is not entirely false, I think the correct premise would be "Because It Will Destroy The True Meaning of Marriage ". "The matrimonial convenant, by which a man and a woman establish themselves a partnership of the whole of life, is by its nature ordered toward the good of the spouses and the procration and education of offspring" (CoTCC,1601). You might wonder then, is marriage a simple coalition to have children? What about love? Love means to make self-sacrifices for the other person, even if that means pain for you, it is the force by which you do not seek something from the other person, but to give your all for them, that balances the relationship to achieve it's finality, that is the creation of a new human being. " Conjugal love involves a totality, in which all the elements of the person enter - appeal of the body and instinct, power of feeling and affectivity, aspiration of the spirit and of will. It aims at a deeply personal unity, a unity that, beyond union in one flesh, leads to forming one heart and soul; it demands indissolubilty and faithfulness in definitive mutual giving; and it's open to fertiltiy. Love is a means, not an end. You don't love someone just for the sake of it. Love moves you to merge your soul with that other person, and so, this act is embodied in the progeny. This is why gay people can not feel real love, but they feel something right? They suffer the same as many straight people in the world, and that is confusing love with desire. Believe that they love each other, when it may be that they, only or almost only, desire each other. In both cases is sought to please the loved one, even at the cost of the greatest sacrifices, in both they feel the deep desire and need to protect, to care. And desire has an edge over love, that is more passionate,  stirs more violent emotions, making them believe that it is love. And if desire does everything that love does, and does it with more passion and more excitement, wouldn't it seem to be love? And this is precisely what happens: the one who desires doesn't think he does, he believes that theirs is a love so intense, and precisely because it is so intense, it makes him feel so many emotions and passion. In the desire you love the person for their physical beauty, for his good looks, is a beauty that comes through the senses, drunks, which makes the desire so violent, so passionate, and that seeks to express in hugs, kisses , frantic caresses, which are just ways to try to possess the body of each other, which are preliminary attempts at sexual union to which they are pushing the instinct of propagation of the species. The desire, thus, comes from the body, goes towards another body and is felt in the body. And precisely the intensity of this attraction makes people believe the love intensely, when they should only say that they intensely desire. Desire can be also tender, considerate, sacrificed, etc.., but the difference is not in the present, is in the future, because desire fades, and when it does, so will its features, wich doesn't happen with true love.

The Bible Says It's Wrong: This argument alone is pretty lame, for it means that you have run out of arguments and are trying to finish this off quickly the easy way. Sadly, for someone who isn't christian, it won't work. Now, when can we say this? When we point exactly what the Bible says. Although I have not knowledge whether the Bible states anything about homosexuality being wrong or not, it does explicitly say that marriage is for procreative purposes, thus, nullifying the possibility of homosexual people to get married. As for the Deuteronomy, this is a book of jewish interpretations of God's words, that come after the original message given by Moses. The jew, without the guideance of the Holy Spirit, fell into misinterpretations of God message, thus creating laws such as the mentioned, that are not part of God's plan  for mankind (being why those laws aren't followed by christians).

-Because Being Gay Is Unnatural: By unnatural, you mean it doesn't happen in nature? Then it's natural, for there are a lot of cases of homosexuality in nature. By unnatural, you mean it doesn't go against human nature (biologically speaking)? Yes, it is unnatural. Sexuality, biologically speaking, is meant for the expansion of the species, and there are no homosexual acts that give birth to progeny in a species where there are males and females. Moreover, excusing us, humans, of homosexual acts, because animals and insects execute them, is lowering us to their level. You are putting rational beings at the same level as animals! Humans can know the difference between right and wrong, animals can't. If you state that we should approve homosexuality because it is in nature, we should approve of cannibalism, murdering and robbery , for they are "natural" too. We don't, because we recognize those as wrong doing. What makes homosexuality different, then? Ah, it brings pleasure, and because of that, we approve it. In many aspects human beings, despite being rational because of their nature, act as animals, and this is one of those examples. Therefore, judging it as rational beings, we come to the conclusion that homosexual behaviour, biologically speaking, is wrong, for it does no real good to the body nor the species.

-Because Gay Men Are Sexual Predators: Generalization over gay men, I'm sure not all of them are . And there are also straight men who are sexual predators, but no one says anything about that.

As for those statics, it is really a shame, but it only proves that there are more straight rapers than gay rapers, those numbers don't deny the premise.

-Because Gay Sex Is Disgusting: I am not going to lie. Everytime I hear about gay sex. Every. Fiber. Of. My. Body. Wants. To. Puke. Buuuuuuut, here is when I try to see things rationally, and I think of the arguments I sated above of why gay sex is naturally wrong. As for what is said in the original post, I can not disagree with any of that. If you find pleasure in non-procreative actions (anal sex, masturbation), you are nearly doing the same thing as an homosexual. You'd be an hypocrite if you condemn homosexual behaviour, but you commit other type of purely-pleasure actions, which goes against love and God's plan.

-Because Gay People Are Icky: Gay people deserve as much dignity and respect as you do, and there a LOT of more "icky" acts that are commited by straight people and aren't even noticed, man, they are even approved by modern society! [I know I said they deserve as much dignity and respect as any human being, then you must be wondering why am I against gay "marriage". The thing is, as I said, marriage is a commitment between the two spouses with the end of bringing new life to this world, commitment that is regulated by true love; points that can't be achieved in an homosexual relationship]

-Because Innocent Children Might Re-enact Gay Marriage Scenes At School And It Will Turn Our Kids Gay:  Banning this doesn't mean I approve children playing with toy weapons, being why I'm not going to let my children play with them. Anyway, the fact that pre-enacting gay marriages does not make you gay alone, it does make you take this type of union as something normal that should be accepted, and, with all the fuzz of you being able to CHOOSE your sexuality, those same sex kids that pretended to marry, might indirectly end up being gay. As a conclusion, re-enacting gay marrieages scenes alone might not turn you gay, but, along with other factors, can induce you to be.

-Because I'm a Dick: Argumentum ad hominem. I try to be as objective as possible, so when people think that they can win an argument by calling me names or insulting me, well, that makes me sad, because it means I can't have a rational discussion with anyone.

: The end, ladies and gentlemen.

I'm sorry if it's messy, it was better on Tumblr.
Thank you very much for your time, I know that if you've reached here, it's because you care about your principles! Don't falter!

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